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    Painted Storks

    News: Anantapur villagers welcome winged visitors.
    Source: The Hindu

    Painted storks are widespread throughout the Indian subcontinent. Populations extend from Sri Lanka to Indochina and southern China. Painted storks are predominately non-migratory and most make only local movements. However some birds have been known to migrate to west Burma.

    Painted storks are a monogamous species. Little is known about mate selection however, there is evidence that females prefer to mate with relatively large males.

    Painted storks have been classified as near threatened by the IUCN Red list of Threatened species and their population continues to decline throughout southern and southeast China. In recent years they have faced local extirpation in southern China where they are often confronted with local exploitation. Intensification of agriculture and commercial fish farms are contributing to loss of habitat and food resources. Wetland preservation is an important factor in sustaining populations in developing agricultural regions to maintain adequate feeding grounds as well as nesting colonies.

    Painted storks are found within a variety of habitats. They are often restricted to shallow freshwater wetlands and marshes. Painted storks have also been observed in flooded agricultural fields and seepage ponds in the Delhi region of India.

    • Habitat Regions tropical terrestrial saltwater or marine freshwater
    • Aquatic Biomes coastal
    • Wetlands marsh
    • Other Habitat Features agricultural riparian