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    Lecanorchis Taiwaniana

    News: Assam produces an orchid link to the Orient.
    Source: The Hindu

    India’s one of the smallest orchids in terms of size and duration of bloom.

    It is a variant of a Japanese orchid.

    Lecanorchis taiwaniana is a mycoheterotroph, one of two types of parasitic plants that have abandoned photosynthesis.

    It appeared close to the nigricans species while bearing 90% similarity with the taiwaniana species named after Taiwan.

    Lecanorchis taiwaniana adds to the orchid wealth of northeast India, which has 800 of some 1,300 species in the country.

    About 300 species are found in the Western Ghats and 200 in the northwestern Himalayas.

    The orchid, discovered earlier in Japan, Taiwan, and Laos, was found to have a maximum height of 40 cm and a blossoming period of five-six days.

    Additional information: Costus pictus or the insulin plant used in treating diabetes mellitus, and Ophiorrhiza mungos used in treating cancer because of the alkaloid Camptothecin present in it.


    Kolam Tribe

    News: Death of 3 children unsettles Kolam tribe.
    Source: The Hindu

    Kolam are a designated Scheduled Tribe in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.They belong to the sub-category Particularly vulnerable tribal group, one of the three belonging to this sub-category. The others being Katkari and Madia Gond.

    They are a Kolam community and common in the Yavatmal, Chandrapur and districts of Maharashtra. They speak the Kolami language. They are an agricultural community. The Kolam are an endogamous group.

    They have a high rate of returning positive to the Naked eye single tube red cell osmotic fragility test (NESTROFT) test, making them prone to high incidence of Thalassaemia.