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    News: Bashir moved from residenceto Khartoum’s Kobar prison.
    Source: The Hindu

    Sudan shares boundary with Egypt, Libya, Chad, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Eretria.

    Sudan opens to RED SEA.

    Sudan was the largest country in Africa prior to the secession of South Sudan in 2011. It is now the third largest, after Algeria and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    After secession, the size of Sudan is approximately 25% smaller, with an area of 1.86 million square kilometers.

    Sudan lost most of its oil reserves, estimated to be between five and seven billion barrels, after the secession of South Sudan.

    The United Nations has called the Sudan/Darfur conflict one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

    Exercise SEA VIGIL

    Source: PIB

    The maiden national level Coastal Defence Exercise SEA VIGIL was conducted by Indian Navy from 22-23 Jan 19. The exercise witnessed the simultaneous activation of the coastal security apparatus across the country involving maritime stakeholders at the Centre and all the 13 Coastal States and Union Territories.

    Key takeaways from the exercise debrief were deliberated and disseminated to all for further action/ follow-up. The feedback from the exercise, and the deliberations, would be presented at the next meeting of the National Committee for Strengthening Maritime and Coastal Security (NCSMCS).