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    NEWS: Chandrayaan-2: Lunar orbiter spacecraft arrives in Sriharikota.
    SOURCE: The Hindu.
    WHY IN NEWS: The mother orbiter spacecraft of Mission Chandrayaan-2 has reached the launch port of Sriharikota from Bengaluru and will soon be joined by its lander and rover companions.

    Chandrayaan II is India’s second lunar mission after Chandrayaan I. The mission includes a lunar orbiter, rover and a lander. The mission is developed by ISRO, India. Initially, the lander was supposed to have been developed by Russia. But, when Russia cited its inability to provide the lander by 2015, India decided to go solo. Now, the mission is entirely Indian. It is slated to launch by January 2019. The launch vehicle would be a GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III).

    The mission is attempting to soft-land on the moon’s surface at a latitude of about 70° south, that would be on a high plain in between 2 craters. If successful, this would be the first mission to land near the lunar south pole.

    Launch vehicle: GSLV Mk III