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    Jal Shakti Abhiyan (JSA)

    NEWS: Govt. to start Jal Shakti Abhiyan for 255 water-stressed districts from July 1.
    SOURCE: The Hindu.

    Ministry of Jalsakthi, Department of drinking water and sanitation.

    The Jal Shakti Abhiyan (JSA) is a time-bound, mission-mode water conservation campaign. The JSA will run in two Phases: Phase 1 from 1st July to 15th September 2019 for all States and Union Territories; and Phase 2 from 1st October to 30th November 2019 for States and UTs receiving the retreating monsoon (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu).

    During the campaign, officers, groundwater experts and scientists from the Government of India will work together with state and district officials in India’s most water-stressed districts* for water conservation and water resource management by focusing on accelerated implementation of five target intervention.

    The JSA aims at making water conservation a Jan Andolan through asset creation and extensive communication.

    • Water conservation and rainwater harvesting

    • Renovation of traditional and other water bodies/tanks

    • Reuse and recharge structures

    • Watershed development

    • Intensive afforestation


    Ikshvaku Dynasty

    NEWS: Buddhist relic unearthed in A.P. village.
    SOURCE: The Hindu.

    The Ikshvaku dynasty, in Puranic literature, was a dynasty[1] founded by the legendary king Ikshvaku. Ikshvaku, literally means "sugar cane".

    The dynasty is also known as Sūryavaṁśa (the Solar dynasty). Lord Rama belonged to the Ikshavaku dynasty.

    Twenty-two out of the twenty-four Jain Tirthankara belonged to this dynasty.[3] Rishabha is present in both Hindu as well as Jain mythology. Both refers to the same person. According to the Buddhist texts, Gautama Buddha belonged to this dynasty.