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About Us


    • Board Examination Assistance Program for Plus 1, Plus 2 Students.

    Board Examination Assistance Program for effective management of stress and time during learning, revision and test-taking of subjects.

    Board Examination is a nightmare for most of the students as they approach it in a confused and negative mindset, without a clear perspective of how to strike a balance between preparing for examination and delivering during examination.

    To help out students to tackle this situation and to build self confidence in them, ACE has designed a unique programme called BEAP which is a “Lift for the students to reach the “Magic Heights”. It aims to mentor students to a level of perfection in their preparation, by meticulous and target oriented learning and revision plan. The learning and retaining tools are designed to fine tune all the efforts put by the students to achieve success.

    Course Highlights:

    • Whole Brain learning and retaining techniques
    • Effective time and stress management
    • Acquainting students with the Board pattern
    • Learning, revision and test-taking strategy
    • Set of Most Probable Question (MPQs)
    • Performance Evaluation


    • Course Code : 004