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About Us


  • Long Term : Plus 1, Plus 2 Science Tuition + Medical/Engg. Entrance Coaching.

Integrated long term program for plus 1, plus 2 students for enabling them to strive for excellence in both Board and Entrance Examinations. Our classes are to imbibe ideas in a lively and interactive session to translate the derived learning into repository knowledge and skills. The interplay element is ACE’s synergy and focus which draws the remarkable community of educators, citizens and students.

The course streamline the students to prepare for the All India Engineering (JEE Main, JEE advanced) and Medical entrance examinations as well as State level Entrance examinations.

Course Highlights:

• Well organized course structure
• Advanced and self contained study materials
• Detailed discussion of theoretical concepts
• Board Examination Assistance Program
• Short cut methods to tackle MCQs
• Descriptive and Objective assignments
• Continuous evaluation and monitoring
• Developing High Order Thinking Skills


  • Course Code : 003