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Economic Survey 2017-18

The economy is set to grow at 7-7.5% in the next financial year on the back of reviving exports and investment even as the negative effects of demonetisation and the teething troubles of the Goods and Services Tax recede, thereby re-instating India as the world’s fastest growing major economy. GDP growth in the current financial year- 6.75%, higher than the 6.5% estimated by the Central Statistics Office. A rise in migration of men from rural to urban areas causes ‘feminisation’ of agriculture sector, as the number of women in multiple roles such as cultivators, entrepreneurs and labourers is increasing. Women had a decisive role in ensuring food security and preserving local agro-biodiversity. Rural women are responsible for the integrated management and use of diverse natural resources to meet the daily household needs. The Survey observed that crucial role of women in agricultural development and allied fields was a fact long taken for granted. For sustainable development of agriculture and rural economy, the contribution of women to agriculture and food production cannot be ignored,   Read more >>