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About Us

Welcome to ACE Academy

Alphons Kannanthanam Academy for Career Excellence (ACE) was established in the year 2008 under the chairmanship of Mr. Alphons Kannanthanam IAS (Resigned). The objective behind the venture was to provide expertise coaching, right guidance, systematic study pattern and timely guidance and motivation to students so that they can fulfill their dreams and achieve the targeted goals with ease. ACE started with four centers and is now running 20 centers and many school centers. It has been one of the most successful start up institution with more than a thousand enrollment and the turn over crossing a crore mark in the very first year itself. Today, we look back with pride, at our success and look forward to repeat the same.



Why ACE Academy?

The main goal of ACE is to guide students to excel in competitive examinations and develop leadership qualities. Its major objectives include the following:


» Career selection guidance

» Competitive examination oriented training

» Comprehensive personality development training.

Its larger goal is to mould responsible global citizens, committed to society and aware of the world around them. ACE is all set to become the ultimate brand for all competitive examinations in the coming years.

It is observed that academic brilliance of our students get overpowered by lack of ambition, self confidence, communications skills and general awareness when it comes to the competitive examination scenario. Need of the hour is that each student must acquire elements like self confidence, optimism, zeal and ambition to reach the echelon. As an educational institution that plays the role of mentoring young minds, we feel the deep sense of responsibility towards new generation and their development.Therefore each of our programs not only aim to make the students academically strong, but also focus on aptitude building and developing leadership qualities.

Vision And Mission

We believe that every human being is born to change the world. We believe that every human being is born with intelligence and talents. It is all in the mind. We have to get them to believe in themselves. We have to get them to dream their own big dreams. Nothing can stop a big dream - least of all an ntrance examination.

We aim at excellence in all walks of life. ACE will help students to discover themselves, realize their inherent potentials and utilize those talents to excel in their lives to make the world a better place to live in.